We Stand Black meeting this Sunday, Jan 13 from 3-5 p.m.

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We build strong business leaders with academic enrichment exercises that teach entrepreneurship to black youth ages 8 - 16

Building Black Youthpreneurs


Build. Bring. Buy.

We believe that economic empowerment within the black community must include these three vital principles: 

* BUILD our own businesses. 

* BRING in black employees. 

* BUY from black-owned businesses. 

We call it the Black Business Circle. Within this circle, black people collaborate, network, and team up to build our economic strength. 


Legacy Business Circle

We Stand Black in Houston positions our youth on the shoulders of black business and community leaders like you. Our Legacy Business Circle (LBC) members are the business owners who tie into our campaign during our first year. We count on you to support our youth, to speak to them, encourage them, and teach them how to rise up and pursue their dreams. 

Our business trailblazers look to you for financial support. Thus, we thank you for buying in to their Campaign. 

In addition, throughout the year, they will look up to you to share your expertise, employ, and mentor them. Our prayer is that, from you, they will learn and apply vital business skills designed to help them analyze the ins and outs of running a business. T

Join our Legacy Business Circle

"Don't be a spectator of your dreams."

11-year-old entrepreneur, Gabrielle Jordan, once said, "Don't be a spectator of your dreams." We agree. We encourage our students to dream big, crazy dreams, to believe in themselves, and to give back and inspire others.

During our Business Boot Camp,  students created Dream Boards designed to help the think about future dreams and aspirations.